I heard something at church I wanted to relay.  I’m not going to fill this point out too much, kind of give you the cliff notes sort of speak.

If you want to know where you’re going, such as your destination, look at your direction.  If you want to know your direction, look at your decisions.  If you want to know how you will decide, look at what you’re “downloading”.
We all want an “end goal”.  We want the job, the car, the house, the great marriage, respectful kids, great body and/or close relationship with God.  If that is the case, whatever it is for you, what direction are you facing?  Are you even headed the right way?  If you want a great relationship, or even to find a significant other – or let’s even say a good friend… are you headed in the direction to actually get one?  Or, do you keep on heading out to the bars looking for your soul mate?
You see, your direction comes down to the decisions you make.  If you want to head in the direction of that great body, are you making the decisions to eat right, exercise consistently and stay away from smoking and drinking?  If you do find yourself making those positive decisions, you’ll be traveling down the path of others who’ve successfully sculpted their body.  However, if you pig out on fast food, rarely go into the gym, smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish… you’ll be headed down the wrong road going the wrong direction.
So what determines your decisions?  It comes down to what you download in your mind day after day.  Sick of being financially broke?  Are you filling your mind with sexy advertisements of cars and vacations you can’t afford?  Are you hanging with the wrong group, who keep on downloading the wrong spending habits and lack of investment strategies?  You see, lack of proper information still means you’re downloading the wrong info… which means you won’t even have the resources to make the right decisions.
To sum it up, remember this:
Figure out what you want for your Destination, in all areas of your life.  Then head in that Direction consistantly through smart Decisions which move you closer and closer to where you want to be. Fuel your Decisions with healthy doses of positive and empowering Downloads.  Drink deeply from positive books, surround yourself with inspiring friends and pay attention to how you speak to yourself.  Even the music we listen to, TV shows we watch and conversations we have impact us much more than you think.  Put yourself in the proper soil in order to grow properly!