Some people have a stigma as to when they can and cannot pray.  They may even know “how” to pray, but when is a different story.  When talking to people about this, I’m not sure there is a “best” or even a “better” time.  Any time works, day or night, going though one of life’s trials,  or basking in a success after tons of hard work.  Any days of the week, or even month are fine, in or out of church.

One of the best illustrations I can paint for you, to explain the “when” is by picturing a traditional “wired into the wall” phone, and a Bluetooth earpiece where you are always connected to the one you are talking to.  I think so many people think you can or should only pray when you’re in church, or when a problem really hits your life.  They might picture the phone that is shown in the old Batman TV shows, where the red phone is sitting under the glass over in the commissioner’s office.

This picture says that the phone can only be used in emergencies, and worse, it can only be used by special people (such as priests, pastors or those in good standing with God).  This differs quite a bit from the picture which God really wants us to have about prayer and conversations with Him.  I believe He wants us to have more of a Bluetooth earpiece where we talk to Him on a constant basis.  We are always plugged into Him, and always conversing with Him.

The cool thing is that we don’t even need to dial His number, much less say “Call God” with special voice recognition software.  We just start talking.  This might be T.M.I., or too much information, but I’ve prayed just about everywhere.  In the car while driving, running, doing work, walking into a meeting, and yes, even in the washroom.  Sorry.  My point is that we are always plugged into Him, and we can and should talk to Him everyday… several times a day!

There are many different directions I can take this topic, but I want to address the resistance which may be coming up around the question of “but is it right to ‘bother’ God about such and such, or does God really want to hear from little ‘ol me”?  Well, if you truly believe that God is our heavenly Father, and we are His children, I want you to consider something.  This may only work for parents, but hear me out.  As a parent, or if you can imagine yourself as one, would you want your child to only come and talk to you when:  Things are really bad, or only hold a conversation with you once a month, or a couple times a year?

As a parent myself, I want my children to talk to me as much as they can, about everything!  When talking to parents of teenagers, almost all of them want to have more conversations with their children.  But here is another thought I just had, don’t children want to have conversations with their parents on a regular basis?  Not just when the going gets tough, but regular old conversations about life?  I think so.

Here is my point, as a Father and child relationship, like the one we have with God, both sides yearn for “more talk time”.  However, this time is not limited like cellular phone companies set boundaries on when you can and cannot talk.  God doesn’t have weekends free, or even peak hours… and He definitely doesn’t have a list of favorite friends on His free calling list, or speed dial.  You are the one who has God on your speed dial, and God is always listening to you.

Any time of the day, before, during or after any of life’s experiences, you just can start talking.