One of the breakthroughs which changed and improved my life, was asking this simple question:  What kind of God do I have?  In other words, how do you picture your God?  Do you have a picture of a God who is like a judge up in heaven, ready to strike you down when you do something bad?  Or, is your picture of God one of a ruler way too busy to care about your life?  Do you have a picture of God as an old man, too outdated to deal with your modern worries?  Do you picture Him as a police officer?  A prosecution lawyer?  Or, a mad scientist using us all as little hamsters?

I’m asking these questions, because I believe that “who” you picture God as will likely determine what kind of a relationship you have with Him.  For example, look at the options in the previous paragraph.  I’m guessing you’ve had at least one of these pictures of God in your mind at some point in your life.  But I want you to picture God as a loving father.  Not one who punishes, but one who gave up His most prized possession (His son Jesus Christ) to die for your sins.

Picture Him with a smile, not a frown… with his arms stretched out ready to catch you as you jump into them.  Picture Him as the one who put His arm around you when you sat and cried that one day, and also was there when you pulled through something which seemed inescapable.  Picture God as the person He is, the one who knows you by name, even has the hairs on your head counted.  He has been with you before you were born, and will be with you until the day you die.

How do you feel about this God?  Is this the kind of God you want to have a relationship with?  Is this the God you want to be with you during the high and low times of your life?  The One who not just made the universe, but also made you?  The God you can call upon at anytime, ready to hear you out, listen to your request, and above all else, put people, places and things in your life to have it come out the best way to benefit you?

This is the God we have, and who is Your God.