(This is part 2/4 of “You Don’t Get Your Goals)


So you want to change, right?  No, you really want to change – you want to because you need to.  You want to walk your talk…  So what do you do?  How do you do it?  In short, you have to change two things, your thoughts and your actions.  Because everything starts in the mind, we’ll start with thoughts.  You have to change what you think, say to yourself and absorb everyday.  You have to overload it with thoughts of the change you want… I mean NEED to change.  See what I mean?  Even the words we say impacts the results we get.

Here are three quick ways to change what you think.  I was going to use the example of a smoker who wants to stop smoking, but I think a greater audience are those who want to eat more healthy, which leads me to the first key.  Don’t have your change center around “not” doing something.  Not swearing as much around your kids focuses your mind around “swearing”.  As an example, try NOT to think about the color blue.  See my point?

Here are three quick ideas on how to impact and change how you feel, and what you think about healthy food:

A.  Catch Phrase:  Think of a phrase, a one or two sentence mantra you can say dozens of times a day.  If possible, make it funny, catchy and easy to remember.  Rhyming is good, and even putting it to music earns you bonus points.  Here are some examples:

“I’m a lean green eating machine!”

“I will pack myslef with veggie power today!”

“Water is my fuel – and it is time to blast off!”

“Because I am alive and my day is colorful, so is the food I put in my body!”

Corny… silly… yep.  But these, just like the dumb commercial jingles on radio and TV are the things we remember… even years after being taken off the air.


B.  Visual Board:  Easy task which will take 15-30 minutes, tops.  Go to your favorite search engine and type in several words of healthy foods you want to eat.  Examples may be specific vegtables, yummy reciepes, or your favorite healthy family dishes.  Go to images, and print those out.  Make sure you print them out and then cut out dozens. Paste them all to a board/wall you’ll see everyday… most waking hours.  Might be your computer screen, office wall, car dash board, or all of the above for those bonus points.  The more you see it, the more your thoughts will be consumed by them.


C.  Rich Resources:  What can you read, watch, research or explore which will engolf you in the new pattern, thoughts and ideas which can serve you better – and make the change a new part of your life?  Can you take a healthy cooking class?  Read about farmers who switched all of their crops to organic?  What about watching a documentary on how people have reversed disease mainly through eating better?  The more you do, the more you will be drawn to that lifestyle and inate line of thinking. Want those coveted bonus points?  Write a short book ranging from pages to dozens of chapters on how YOU are changing and the experiences you came across making this necessary change to your life.  That will consume your thoughts in positive rich resources!