What is the prize?  Less stress, worrying, anxiety, pain and more of everything good!  We just need to put our eyes past the horizion where we just see the short term challenges and temptations.  By realizing that instant gratification is a fraction of the time compared to the endless payoff of long term investments, we can all sleep better at night.


Please note that staying the same is not a pain free life.  If it was, we would all be tempted and hooked by that… but the fact is that being the same takes emotional and spiritual discpline.  The pain in staying the same lasts only seconds compared to the years of pain constant changing brings.  Many of us make a pact to keep true to our “same” values, and then we’re hit with the first shot of pain by friends mocking us, a situation where we’ve lost out on quick cash or even gave up a night of heavy partying.  After this first shot of pain we scream, “See, it is not worth it!”.