I’ve written about my experience and journey through life with God on this blog before. That is nothing new. But, I want to to make sure you completely understand me, as I believe our culture likes to dumb things down. I’ve also written about “Are you going to heaven”, and other like topics. However, today I just want to write a quick word about God.

I think many people believe there is one God, but their descrption of God might differ. Here is what I would like to make clear. There is only one God who would give His only Son to die for your sins. Only one God who continues to keep His arms wide open, hoping you would come back after you sin. Only one God who has more love for you than you could ever imagine.

I truly hope you look into this God. Not the God who is far away from you, or doesn’t care about you specifically. Not the God who is this authoratative policeman in the sky. Not the God who Hollywood believes in, nor the one who seems so distance, you figure why bother.

There is only one God who made creation in six days, made man with a choice to follow Him, sent His one and only Son to die for the sins we couldn’t possibily correct ourselves, and only one God who is in the room with you right now who would love nothing more than to talk to you right this second. That is “the” God… your God… The God in this room.