Changing in itself is not bad, when it serves good. However, to many of us “change” in order to get pleasure in one way or another, even at the cost of other’s pain is a horrible item to have on your resume.  We justify our change in some way, and only focus on what we get out of it.  In the end, we sell out to quick fixes of popularity, sex, control or some other form of pay off.  Days, weeks, months or even years after it leaves us empty because we didn’t serve God, our values or the greater good.


Staying the same means we hold true to what we know is right, even if it brings us initial pain.  You see, I believe that doing the right thing, staying the same even under emense presure, ultimately brings us and others pleasure.  It is the happy ending… doing, thinking and believing what is right.  The quick fixes of changing given different scenerios or payoffs may feel good in the short term, but they all have expiration dates… and they go sour much faster than we think.