However, I do think one thing which fries most people is when politicians flip flop on issues.  One year they are in favor of this bill, while the next year they are fighting against it.  One term they could care less about an issue, and the next when a story hits the news they all of the sudden have a strong stance for or against it.  It is this going back and forth which makes us lose trust in them, and is the key foundation for any kind of support, respect and itegrity in many cases.


I understand there are true change or hearts, but again, with special interests and wheel and dealing behind the scences, real change for the right reasons is usually hard to find.  In many cases we all, including politicians, change our tune to serve oursleves, as opposed to doing what is right… So my question is, what is the price and even prize to staying the same?  How can we stay the same even when we’re temped to change for the wrong reasons?