“Change” is one of those words which has been touted by everything from TV commercials to polititians as a positive element.  Whether someone wants you to drink a new soda pop or get your vote, “changing” seems to be what everyone is preaching.  However, for a second I want you to see how staying the same is a characteristic we need to have in our arsenal too, and hopefully I can suggest a couple ways to not change when it serves God, us and the greater good.


I rarely talk here about politicians, mainly because I don’t know what it is like to be them, and most of them are under much more stress than the average person could phathom.  I know we all have our perceptions on what they don’t do, and how special interests usually motivates them to decided, as opposed to the values they were voted in for. However, many spend many more hours than you think resarching decisions they make, while trying to balance out the pros and cons and trying to find a fair resolution.  … Not all, but I’m guessing more than we think.