This is a recent email I sent out to some of my students who have probably been procrastinating.



I heard something during Memorial Weekend, and this guy said something which knocked me on my butt.  This sounds a bit corny, but it is sooooooo true.

He simply said, “There are 7 days in the week, and ‘Someday’ is not one of them”.

I’ve been guilty of it in the past, probably just like you.  I get to hear it from a wide range of people who want to start up, or at least try our self-defense/martial arts classes, but say they will “Someday”.  The truth is “Someday” never comes.  As a result our kids keep struggling, we keep on being overweight, we don’t know how to protect our families, much less ourselves, our kids continue to have low confidence… we also do as well.

“Someday” is the day which kills us, and keeps us and/or our kids from a better life.


Here is an entire family, which stopped the “Someday” excuse and got results from our classes.  The dad, mom, son and daughter all take classes (we have separate youth/adult classes).  This is not some BS email I wasn’t really sent from them, so I asked if I could include their emails if you have questions.  You can probably even ask them to talk on the phone if you want.

Here is my point before I show you the email.  He is a restaurant manager with crazy hours.  She is a flight attendant who is constantly out of town.  Both of the kids are busy with school and other activities.  They don’t live “right around the corner” from the school.  They have bills just like all of us do.  Right there they could have made 6-7 “legit” excuses for not bettering their lives.  But they didn’t, and here is here email to me:


Dear Master Matt,

Since day one, we knew that you and your staff would exceed our expectations when it came to teaching us martial arts.  We have learned a great deal about self control, self defense, and improving our health.  The tutorials that you email us are such a great help and extremely inspiring.  We like how professional you are when it comes to conducting business.  For example, we were pleasantly surprised to get a detailed invoice from your academy regarding payments because our past studios would just collect cash or swipe our credit card, which I felt was tasteless.  Both Ben and I love the fact that classes are small and we get a lot of one on one teaching and you and your staff really focus on each individual.  We also are thrilled at the fact that every minute is used to its full potential in keeping us moving and perfecting our techniques.  We have never met any Sifu that has had better communication skills than you.  All of the staff at your academy can deliver and that is what keeps us coming back!  I would recommend this academy to every person out there who wants to change their life.


Nikki and Ben Augustine


Nikki’s email is

Ben’s email is

I got permission from them if you want to email them.  You can even set up a phone interview if you want.  The bottom line is that they didn’t wait for “Someday”.  Even with a bad experience at another school they tried again, and ended up finding us.



I don’t want to get all emotional here, but this is what I live for.  I’ve been running a martial arts school full time, where a 65 hour work week is a slow week.  It doesn’t matter though.  I love helping people change their lives through self-defense and martial arts.  I get to see people and families like the Augustine’s EVERYDAY!

We all have an excuse to justify our “Someday”, but that day will never come.  You’ll never have the time, energy, money or perfect little life to start.  The funny thing is that when you jump, the net will appear, and just as the Augustine’s, your life (and/or your child’s) will improve for the better…. not perfect, but much better than where you are now.


I hope it inspires you to make today someday… because tomorrow won’t. (You might have to read that last sentence a couple times.)