Pick any newspaper and read any two pages… Turn on any news station and watch any given hour. Read about the pain, see the carnage, and it is easy to come to one conclusion: God doesn’t exist… and if He does, he obviously doesn’t care.

I get it, and it is a challenge to argue. However, you have to realize one thing. God could have made us to be like robots, who simply do whatever we’re programed to do. But, the greatest gift any maker can give to their greatest creation is the gift of freedom. To do what we want, when we want.

When I was young like around 7 or 8, I tried to not sin… No litterally stop sinning. I thought to myself, why don’t I just stop sinning… I can do this. At night I would say, “Ok, tomorrow, I’m going to stop sinning”. I’d usually wake up the next morning, and do something stupid during the first hour. I’d badger my sister, talk harshly to my mom… and would remember my goal of stopping sinning. I would recollect myself, and say, “Ok, from this point on… no sinning!”.

Thirty minutes would pass, check, check… no sinning. Then right before the first hour would end, a big temptation would come up. My sister would tease me, my dad wouldn’t let me have my way, or I would start to think about a bad thought about someone. STOP! Ok, saved… didn’t sin. The second hour would be harder, and I would usually get busy with playing outside, or during school, get caught up in whatever we were learning. Did I sin? Who knows… I was too busy playing basketball outide with my friends, or learning how to do a math problem. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt and say I passed.

Hour three. At the end of a basketball game I would get fouled in a rough way, or in math class I would get a problem wrong. Either way, I would lash out with my elemetary fury, and you guessed it: I would sin. I’d grit my teeth, remember my no sin pact, and give myself a pass blamming it on the stupid basket opponent or uber challenging math teacher. Oops, sinned again. Can’t call people names. “Damn!” I’d think to myself, can’t believe I sinned. Then I’d realize that swearing is sinning, and give myself another check mark.

Sometimes I’d give up right there, and other times, I’d start over. “From noon today, no sinning!”, I’d proclaim. By 3pm, I’d repeat the same cycle, and be back in square one. Here is my point in telling this story. If an 8 to 10 year old boy, who is still semi inocent can’t control the sinful thoughts and actions, how can others who are older, who have been exposed to so much more hard times, and don’t even have the awareness of what sin is control their sinning? Now assume that there are millions, hundreds of millions like that? Plus, add in those who call ourselves Christian, and sin regardless!

Do you think there is going to be some pain in the world? Is greed going to overtake compassion on a daily basis by some people? Will lust overcome love even by those who are committed to choosing right? Will hurt trigger revenge, instead of forgiveness time and time again? Those are the results of what you see on TV, and read on the front page of every newspaper. Not just people who are unaware of sin, but even those are aware of it.

It is easy to point the finger at the Maker (i.e. God), and put the blame there. However, God created us as sinless, and it is our decision to sin, even when we know what is right and wrong. Even when we know the reprocussions of our actions. My guess is that if I tried not to sin, like when I was younger, I’d fail just as quickly… and maybe even more. At some point, I would have to admit that God is not making me chose wrong over right. It is me, my sinful ways, thoughts and actions. The bottomline is that God made us perfect, and we chose to mess it up.

Here is the incredible thing. God continues to forgive. Day after day, year after year. In a way, I would love to have a “Sin-o-Meter” where it would count the amount of times I’ve sinned. My guess is that it would be easier to count commas than count the zeros. The funny thing is the God does have a “Sin-o-Meter” on you. Guess what it reads?


He has forgiven us for it all. The sins you committed on July 21, 2004, every one before that date, and will for every one you’ll commit. Everytime God forgives, the Sin-o-Meter drops back down to zero. So, instead of counting sins today, I would encourge you to count the times God forgives you. Once again, it might be easier to count the commas.