Fighting:  I’m taking the next 12 weeks out to reboot all of my systems, goals and points of focus.  For my martial arts category, I’m recommitting to a new workout plan, taking off Saturday and Sundays.  Each of these days I’ll be lifting, running and training in martial arts.  Diet wise, I will be back to the basics of eating six times a day, drinking water throughout the day, base my meals on whole foods and decreasing my sweet in take to one “half” portion a day (i.e. 1.5 cookies instead of 3+, half a cinnamon roll, instead of the whole thing…).  Sleep is also important.  Seven hours a night.
Family:  I’ll also be refocusing my family and relationship life during this time. Shouldn’t be hard with my family stuff, as I had an incredible summer with tons of quality time.  However, as the kids are back in school, Steph is back to work, and we add in several other responsibilities, the focus is on making time… And also reconnecting with friends I’ve lost touch with over the summer.
Faith:  Trying to decide how personal I want to get here.  Let’s just say that we all have points in our lives where we’ve been on auto pilot, or we even take a “vacation” from being connected to God.  For some it is days, others it is months, and still others it may be years or decades.  Some party too much, and others lay in a mental / emotional fetal position, ignoring what is going on around them.  Whatever your story is, and whether you are free from, in the middle one of these times… or just realizing you’ve been in one of those times for too long… God is calling you home.