Fighting: Adding another day of training on to my schedule… have a lot of other things happening with the schools, including releasing a series of emails which give a bit more history about me. Here is the latest:

Family: Two weeks of straight working… at the end of this week it will be 3 before the Labor Day break. When I get this busy, rarely does my training fail, and obviously my business doesn’t, as it is the focus. However, what does suffer is my family life, especially with the kids. The secret is scheduling time for them. 15 minutes here and there to ask them questions about their day is easy. It goes a long way when you’re racing around with other things on your mind.

Faith: 140 days. That is my commitment. For what you ask? Whatever is needed to be addressed in your life. Over eating, lying, drinking, doing drugs, porn, being negative, being lazy, smoking… whatever it is for you. Will I tell you what mine is? Not here. After failing at this “thing” over the last several months, I know something radical needed to be done, and this blog is my leverage to keep myself honest and committed. Is something bothering you? Are you hung up on something? Are you gossiping too much, ignoring your loved ones… is your shopping and credit card balance out of control? Or, is it just bad enough to get caught in a whirlpool for a day of binging, and then pull yourself out exhausted. The only trouble is that you do it again two months later, but this time it is for two days. A month later it is for three days.

Get the picture?

Commit with me for 140 days. I’ll use this blog to take us one day, one week at a time. Contact me for support, don’t worry about giving your name, or what your “thing” is. I’ll try to write as general as possible to make sure what I’m learning applies to all. Deal?