When you think about “church”, “God”, or even “religion”, what do you think about?  I think a lot of people think about rituals.  In church, you may think about standing up, sitting down, saying this, don’t speak then, kneel now, get back up, chant this phrase, sing this “song”, close your eyes, fold your hands, kneel again, listen to this, read that verse, and chant again.

Tiring.  The funny thing is that it really means nothing.  I’m not saying that God doesn’t care what we say or do around our practices, he just doesn’t care as much about the rituals we’ve attached to religion or church, as about the relationship we have with Him.

Speaking to many Christians, I find that people will judge their “faith” many times by judging their attendance to church, whether they gave money on Sunday, or if they took communion.  Although these are important, it is more important to make sure you have a relationship with the one and only God.

What good are these rituals, if our hearts are not close to His?  What good is church attendance, if you don’t talk to him outside the walls of the church?  What good is writing a check, if you don’t truly trust Him with what you are given?  How can you take part in a sacrament or religious practice, if you don’t feel like He really knows you?

God would much rather have a quiet, heart to heart talk with you, then stacking a lifetime of rituals.  The incredible thing, is that what He desires the most can be done right now, without a large building, without an ordained pastor, without candles, or even an organ playing a hymn written in the 16th century.  Once you stop reading this, you can start that relationship by simply telling him what is on your mind, and ask Him to be a part of your life on a daily basis.