Quick thought I wanted to share, as I remembered it from a church message I heard sometime back.

When talking about relationships, we’ve all heard of the “Quantity vs. Quality” lesson. Quality time is important with our loved ones, our kids, our spouses, etc..

Here is another way of thinking about it:

Quality time comes from Quantity time.

I would love to zero in on those moments where I can pick out the exact time I would connect with my kids, share a special moment with my wife or even say something profound in front of my martial arts students.

The fact is that those juicy quality moments come from more time, or greater quantity time. Relationships can’t be micromanaged, where we demand to have a great break through on our say so. Great breakthroughs, special moments and incredible memories usually come from spending more time with those we care about.

I was reminded of this as my oldest son saw a swear word written on playground equipment recently. It was a word related to a person’s private area, and triggered several questions from a curious 7 year olds mind. When he stopped down in my office this week I attempted to start up an important “early sex” conversation with him.

He wasn’t for it.

He dodged the questions I had, wanted to talk about something else, and completely blew my plans of having a “quality” conversation. After several attempts, I didn’t get anywhere and reminded myself that greater quantity time will present an opportunity sometime in the near future. The more opportunities I give him to talk about it, make myself available and let the little thing of a child’s roaming free association mind work, I know we’ll stumble upon the topic again.

Quality time is important, no doubt about it. However, realize the more opportunities you give “quality” to show up, the more “quality” time you’ll have.