After 9/11 I all of the sudden started to watch the news daily. About 3-4 years ago I stared to cut that down, by first stopping watching the news all together. Since then, from time to time I’ll pick it back up again for a week or two, but never at the intensity I used to. I love the CNN iPad app, as I get to pick and choose what to read and watch… it is like an electronic newspaper. But still I’ll only do that a couple times a month.

When I stopped here is what I noticed: What I saw didn’t impact my daily life one bit. In essences, not watching the news regularly didn’t effect me one ioda.

News is a business… it is meant to sell. It is meant make things seem they are important to you. Stories are made to be relevant, but they really aren’t. Not to your life anyway. It is important to be informed, but I would suggest to either get informed by a filter like an iPad app, and/or do it very infrequently. Furthermore, I want to personally be more informed about my local news. Even this stuff doesn’t effect you anywhere near what they make it out to be. However, these are things that you can impact.

If something you see on the local news, or read about in a local paper bothers you, take action… big or small. Just don’t sit there like a helpless observer, like you do when you’re watching what 3 rebels did in a country you’ve never heard of. If a person on the local news inspires you, connect with them. Have lunch with them, and support them however you can.

That is where I am, and where I’m going with the news.