Seeing the other purging topics, you may tilt your head a little, but I think you can understand why I wrote about them. When you saw this topic, you may think I’ve fallen off my rocker, or want to enroll you in the school of goody two shoes. Here is the truth that we don’t want to admit, most of us indulge in gossip or white lies way too much. Being extremely stereotypical, I think many women will admit that gossip is what dictates much of the talk between their female friends. Men on the other hand seem to embellish on topics like their high school sports history, what a catch they were when they were young and how much they can bench press in the gym (or could at one time).

Some may ask what is the harm, and on the surface, I might say little if the gossip and white lying is minimal. But I would also encourage you to realize that gossip is negative, and many times gets blown out of proportion, snowballing into talking behind people’s back which really can hurt. Small lies, turn into bigger lies, which lead to issues at work and “miscommunication” at home. At the end of the day, it is not worth it.

If you don’t think you have a problem with this, I would just encourage you to be keenly aware of these two issues for a full week. When you get on the phone with your friends see if the “problems” another person is having doesn’t dominate your talk, where you criticize people from everything like how they discipline their kids, to what their political views are to who said what about who. Also maybe acknowledge how we “curt” the truth, in order to keep the waters calm at home, or pump up projections at work to make sure we get the sale. Do you overpromise frequently without a track record to support it? Do you lie to yourself about the consequences of your actions, so you feel better?

It is a tough introspective look, and if you challenge yourself for a week on this, I’m sure you’ll see that you do this more than you think… and it is all unnecessary.