Ok, I’m writing this particular entry on a day I usually don’t write, but the thought completely interrupted my day, and I had to write about it. So, I’m in the shower, thinking about a friend of mine who is dealing with a medical problem their spouse has had since they’ve known each other. The level of pain the wife feels completely shuts her down, and gets in the way of being a mom, wife and even a friend. It’s pretty bad.

So, once again, I’m in the shower, and I’m thinking about what to say to this guy who not only has to see his wife in pain, but deal with many of the pieces of their life she just can’t do. As I’m shampooing my shaved head, which surprises people on why I would waste shampoo on a head with no hair, a thought hits me from right field: “You’re going to have problems, if He loves you…”. He being God.

What?, another part of my brain said. Then I thought about it. What caused me to reframe “problems” as a blessing? Then this metaphor hit me again from no where. Imagine this gardener who gets this seed, and plants it in the ground. What does he or she do to make it grow? Water it, fertilize it, etc., right? How does God make us grow, who are obviously more important than any little seed could be to any gardener? He water and fertilizes us with obstacles and challenges… what we many times call problems.

Now, my guess is that a gardener would never take care of that seed if they didn’t care about it at some level. I’ve written before about how warped my thought process used to be, by thinking that God uses problems to punish us. It is something I still wrestle with from time to time. But, the more I mature, I realize that God uses these tough things in life to make us a better person.

For example, I think of all the hard times I’ve gone through and have gone through with raising a business from scratch. In the end, it has made me a stronger person. I recently had a pastor friend of mine and his wife have an “oops” baby, which was born with Downs Syndrome. He had two healthy kids, never planned to have anymore, and then God had something else planned. As he preached the weekend or two after the new child’s birth, he told his congregation, “Don’t come up to me and say you are sorry, this child is a blessing”. Then he said this, “This child will teach us so much”.

How many times do we experience a set back, crisis, and most of time something so much less in intensity, and freak out over it. When was the last time you said that this “problem” was going to teach you so much? So next time you get hit with an issues which has you even wondering if God cares about you, know that problems are going to come, if He loves you. Because only a God who cares more about your character than your comfort would have it that way.