Fighting: I stopped my gym membership temporarily to focus on working out with Steph for our cardio in the mornings, and then also put some extra time in on the martial arts. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one goal for the sake of another, and although I love lifting the other two goals are more important right now. I’ll update you on my workouts next week.

Family: Overall, good weekend… but busy. Spent some good time with my parents, sister, Steph and my kids. It is like I checked off all boxes. I’m blessed to have them make time for me. Best gift you can give.

Faith: Talked to Steph last night about making sure we’re paying attention to what God is putting right in front of our face – not just long term goals we hope to impact. It was echoed at church, and then again in our talk last night. I believed I’ve missed the boat on this in the past. Sometimes we get so tied up in our dreams, even our egos, that we forget the opportunities God puts right in front of us on a local and current basis.

Dreams are good, and if you want to feed 1,000 people in Africa by next year, great. However, don’t forget about the handful of people in your neighborhood either, which you could help feed this week. Don’t wait to give money once you get that promotion, give something of what you have now. Waiting until you have more time to volunteer will never happen. Donate an hour of your weekend, take a day off of your vacation, get up an hour earlier, go to bed an hour later… do it now. Never underestimate what you can do now.

If you think your talents, environment and present day opportunities are insignificant, you are dead wrong. Everything matters to God all of the time. That means you can impact something which is important to God right now, today, this minute.

Ah! Before I go… 140 days… going well. I’ll talk about that more next week.