Fighting:  Three days of juice fasting and I lost around eight pounds.  Felt all good and fine the first and second day, but the third and forth day I felt low energy and very tired.  Here is what I will be doing different when I do it again:  1.  Drink more water, especially the second and third day.  2.  Ease back into eating the first real day of not juicing.  I went nuts, and probably paid the price.  3.  I would think again about not changing up my workout schedule.  I think that bit me in the butt later in the week.  All and all, a good experience!
Family:  Time to connect with your spouse is key in a happy marriage.  Don’t cut it short, or forget about it.
Faith:  I heard one of my Christian friends last week say, “God is doing big things in my life…”.  I think He is always doing big things, whether we realize it or not.  He is always loving us beyond understanding, forgiving us continually and working for our greater good every single day.  I don’t think he ever takes a break from doing “big things”… We just take a break on being aware of them.