Fighting: Training is going well. Finding a way to train others remotely is currently my goal. I’ve been working on a project to do so for a while, and I think I have it down. I’ve worked on this project in one way or another for about three years. I’m launching it in this new format tomorrow, and will talk more about it more next week, including giving out the website.


Family: Another weekend where Steph and I got a break from the kids, as my parents took them for a couple days. In the last 48 hours Steph and I went shopping, took a walk in a forest preserve, took a nap, cleaned the house, took another walk around the neighborhood, went out to a resaurant late, watched a movie until even later, slept in, had breakfast alone and talked, talked, talked. Doing stuff with her is easy, and I’m so blessed I get to.


Faith: 140 days keep truckin. Have I been tested this week? Not as much as I thought, but I’m very aware of my triggers. Not letting a thought even take root in my mind has been my focus, and has been working out well. Praying every night that God would help me with this issue is also a huge help.