Fighting: Trying to get back into an intense training schedule, but work stuff is keeping me busy and distracted. I must schedule. Other than that, this weekend we’ll kick off a series of seminars covering some pretty cool stuff. Check it out Do I think the world will end this year? No. Should you be prepared for the crazy things which happen in life? Yes. Check it out.

Family: About 21 days of straight work, ending in Labor Day weekend where I got to take a full three days off… yee-wah! I had a situation go down with my oldest son Jack, regarding the topic of fear. I’m not going to write about it here, but will in the longer Thursday entries to give it its due space. In short, my lesson I was trying to teach him on fear made me examine my life even more… hopefully yours too.

Faith: 140 days minus seven… or eight because I’m writing this on the Tuesday after Labor Day leaves me at 132. Time is just melting away. J Read last week’s Faith entry if you want to know what is going on. This week was mildly tempting at times, but not too bad. The good news, I know it will get worse… ok, enough with the sarcasm… My tip to you, don’t be surprised if right out of the gate the evil one is waiting for you. Be prepared.