Fighting: Coming off a couple week break, as I trained pretty hard in September and had an old injury bother me a bit. I hurt my hand a couple years back, went into the hospital after whining about it for 1-2 months to my wife every other day. They x-rayed it, said it was fine and I probably just bruised the bone. I’m not kidding you, but a month later the hospital gives me a call, and says radiology was double checking old x-rays for quality control and practice with their interns, and yes, my hand is broken. I asked what I should do now, and they said nothing, as it has probably healed. Therefore, every once in a while when I train hard I get a numb pain in it, which is really annoying. Therefore, along with a couple other sore areas on my body, I thought I give it a rest, before I go hard from now until the holidays.

Family: Extended weekend this week, as I took of for Columbus Day. I hung out with my wife and kids, went out for a friend’s 40th b-day for a guys night out, had breakfast with my parents and family, visited my in laws a couple times and spent some good quality time with my wife. “Family time” at all levels were covered thoroughly this weekend.

Faith: Did I jinx myself on the 140 day thing by ending last week with saying that it is going well? Maybe. All I know is that we use the word “grey area” many times to rationalize or give ourselves excuses… and I know I did that with my challenges this last week. I think what might have helped me in staying on path was to clearly define what I wanted to accomplish, without exception. Instead I was kinda general, and then made some nice rules which let me slide a little this last week. Did I feel bad and whine about it? Ok, yeah, a little. But, I prayed for God’s forgiveness, redefined what my outcome was and why it was so important to stay on track. I’m writing a longer post about this whole process, as explaining it in detail helped me get back on track and learn from this experience. I’ll talk more about it next week.