Fighting, Family, Faith: Yep, another combo. Did you see the date? I’m writing this on a Friday, when I’ve done EVERYone for the last 10 months on a Monday to sum up the previous week. I’m always challenged on this blog, because I want to share with you my life, but also want to have privacy as well, so I’ll dance around this entry as much as I can, and hope God can help you find your lesson.

Monday morning I came off of a week of physical and emotional sickness. Physically I got food poisoning, and emotionally I really let myself down by not holding myself accountable to things I’m continuing to change. So, as Monday rolled around, I just didn’t have the heart to write. I wasn’t using my faith, and I was negatively effecting my family. Sunday night I prayed the prayer I hate praying: “God forgive me for the fact that I don’t want to change”.

As this week continued God changed my heart, and I got back on track. Although I was going through a rough business patch, and my family was fighting more than getting along, God was there once again to give me His hand. Are things fixed as of now in most of the areas of my life? No. Have you ever had a time like this? You probably have… and many of them just like me. Let’s keep our eyes on God, for I was reminded again, when I take my eyes off Him, I sink fast.