Fighting: Martial arts training is going well, but I need to increase the intensity and frequency even more. I’m also increasing the intensity and frequency of my other workouts, so we’ll see how that effects the martial arts training… Add that to bettering my diet (which I’ve ignored for 3+ weeks now), and I should be rolling into the holidays fit and strong. I’ll report on the details next week.

Family: We knew that our schedule would be a little tough this Fall balancing out Stephanie going back to work, and we’re in the middle of it right now. As Steph and I talked last night we made a game plan for getting the kids back on track and making sure she has enough time to rest and do the family focused activities. Carving out specific time for your kids is sometimes necessary depending on the craziness of your family’s schedule. We both needed to improve on that in the upcoming weeks.

Faith:  As I can see the finish line of a lot of change in my life to come, I pray God will help me prepare for it.  We all wish we could go back to a time in our lives and live it a bit differently.  I keep on reminding myself that I’m at that time right now… so I’m constantly asking myself, “What would/should I be doing now, that I’ll be wishing I could have gone back months from now?”.  Some answers are common sense, and some answers will elude you regardless of how smart you think you are.  All in all, I think simple awareness is the key which will help you live more, regret less and be more grateful in the present.  When I get confused on which is the “right” thing to do, I take action on what I know, and trust that God is leading me.  That is one of the only ways I’ve gotten through the last year or two.  😉