I wrote about this in one of my dated entries, and I thought I should restate it here as I think this is a huge issue with our modern day culture. Many times we fall into sin when we think because something is common, it must be normal.

I spent sometime in Japan a while back and had the blessing to hang out and interview many successful business owners over there. It was common for these big executive types to have a wife, but then also have a girlfriend. It was common for these guys to have the wife at home, taking care of the house and kids, while they would take their girlfriends out to social functions.

The commonality of it made it normal.

We have a challenge in our society when sin becomes very common, and we accept it as normal. “It is just the way things are”.

That is a very dangerous place to be in. It is even more dangerous for those individuals to live in.

Every weekend in high school cliques around the country, it is now normal to drink until you are horribly drunk, and “hook up” with anyone who is willing and experiment in a wide range of other sexual and alcoholic behaviors.

It is now “normal” because it is so common. I know we could have a discussion on what came first, the chicken or the egg, the commonality or normalcy of it. My wife and I had a long talk last week on where the line is for what is “ok” to see in movies… much less on TV or read in books.

Swearing, as an example, has become normal in movies and also on TV. I watched “Back to the Future” with my 5 and 7 year old sons last week, and forgot how many times swear words were used. This was good, wholesome Michael J. Fox. Never had a sex tape, never got caught up in drugs, I actually don’t remember anything bad ever being reported about him. But, the many swear words had me think about this topic, of how normal I must have thought it was when I saw it the first time around.

Same with movies. Rated R movies usually don’t phase me, regardless of what they say or what I see unless it is really off the scale violently or sexually. I know that the generation before me had Porky’s, but now a days a raunchy movie like American Pie to the Hangover 2 is common… and unfortunately has made it normal.

The shock doesn’t shock us anymore. The “shock” of yesterday is normal talk, behavior and expectations of today. So, what can we do about it? Purge. I’ll write a whole separate post about it soon. For now, the greatest gift you can give to yourself is awareness. I’m not saying to live like a monk, trash your TVs and even criticize the tight clothes of a Disney character… Just start noticing what is normal to you.

Next, read my post about purging… the next step.