I was listening to a message from my old church on CD in my car last week, and the pastor asked, “Do you know what the best word in the English language is?”. Million options popped into my head… Vacation, pizza… sex…

“Enough”, he said. I must have thought of numbers 2, 3, and 4 then.

Anyway, he was preaching on having and acknowledging that we have enough. I’ll admit, having enough in his country is easy. Acknowledging it is another thing. But, I guess living it is still completely another thing. Here is what I mean:

Having enough in the USA and most developed countries takes minimum work. Having enough food to live, enough shelter and clothes to survive and enough happiness is easy to achieve when you live in a country which has so many amenities. The key is living within your means, which is a topic for a completely different entry.

Acknowledging we have enough is the next step for most of us. The simple awareness that you have enough to phyiscally survive is something which escapes our conscience almost every second of every day. The fact is that if you are reading this you have enough. I don’t know too many people who would be fighting for their next meal, or doesn’t have a home to live in, but has the time and the computer to read these blog entries (even if the computer is located at your neighborhood – free – library). So, the fact is that you probably have more than 90+% of other people on the face of this earth.

The question is, are you living like you do? Or, do you fall in the trap I do by thinking you actually need more… or complaining about the “enough” you have. I complain about all of the fix it jobs on my house and wouldn’t mind a bigger one. Yesterday I complained that I haven’t washed my car in weeks. Last weekend I was upset because I had a meal which wasn’t up to par, at a dinner my parents paid for anyway at a restaurant. My list goes on and on, and I’m sure yours does too.

Here is the truth… get ready for it… The fact is that you have MORE than enough. I know the point the pastor was making on the CD… we have enough, and don’t “need” anymore. Right now I don’t need a bigger house. My mortgage costs half or a third of what most peoples’ are. I drive a pretty nice car, where my rims and tires cost more than most used cars. I pay for my family to eat out at least 2-3 times per week, at a choice of dozens of restaurants within a walk from my house, we get exactly what we want, within minutes of ordering it, and usually have extras to take home for another meal we don’t have to make.

The list doesn’t stop there, see if any of these sounds familiar… I have clothes in my closet with the tags still on them. I have money tucked away in my retirement account I won’t use for decades. The storage (read, “extra”) space in my home is stacked with electronics which work, but are simply outdated. We throw away food because it rots in our refrigerator. I just turned around and saw litterally hundreds of books on my bookshelf, I have a Master degree I don’t “use” and I pay taxes to a country which provides the best military in the world, thousands of miles of streets I’ll never get to use and an infastrucure where no matter where I am in my community clean water can be found in any building by simply turning a facset 1.5 inches clockwise.

Enough is a joke. We have more than enough. Way more than enough. The crazy fact is that we also have more than enough love from God. More love than you can imagine. You can sin all of your life, and you’ll never outpace the grace, mercy and love God has for you. This is more than any convience the newest iPhone can provide or amount of drinking water any corner firehydrant can shoot out for days upon days. Although at some point we had to pay something for our modern conviences, even if it is a little for all of the stuff we get to use, God’s love is free.

…It kinda redefines “enough”, doesn’t it.