Fighting:  My mind is still buzzing from the JKD Summit.  So much knowledge shared in such a small period of time.  One of the instructors closed out the Summit with explaining that few people get what he does. Yeah, yeah, he is a martial arts teacher, runs a school, etc., but few people really get him.  I feel the same way.  I mean, how do you explain to people what exactly what your life is like, doing what we do?  This is by no means saying we are better or more important to anyone.  It is just the fact that we’re different.

This difference is shown at dinner parties, get togethers and other social functions.  We go around the group, and everyone kinda explains what they do.  Oh, you’re an investment banker, you’re a stay at home mom, you’re a construction worker… what about you… oh, you’re a engineer.  “Matt, what do you do?”  I beat people up for a living…  Ok, I don’t say that, but that is what the jokes circle around for the next five minutes.  When my pastor married my wife who at the time was a teacher and I, he started the sermon off with, “One person teaches how to fight, while the other breaks up the fights, all marriages start off rough.”
I have to admit, it is a good dinner conversation, as most people don’t know too many martial arts instructors.  They might have known someone who took karate as a kid, or even the neighbor down the street who went back to finally get their black belt, after going through their latest mid life crisis.  The fact is being seated next to a martial arts instructor, whether at a wedding table, or while waiting in line is rare.  It peaks peoples’ interest… and at the very least gives something for people to talk about, while also giving a couple laughs.

Family:  Spring break is over and my wife is ready for my kids to go back to school today.  Enough said.

Faith:  Yesterday was Easter.  As God has lifted me out of my sinful ways time and time again, I remembered that Easter was – and is –  what it was all about.  God creating the earth is amazing, Jesus being born was incredible, Him dying on the cross blows my mind, but dying on the cross for my sins seems unbelievable.  Let me ask you a question again:  If you had it all, were a King above all kings, had everything you could ever need… Would you give it up for people who would turn away from you time and time again? Well, God did through His Son Jesus Christ.  That is what Easter is all about.