Fighting: Today officially starts my 30 days of training… no stopping. 30 non stop days, of training everyday. I’m taking off lifting this week to focus on it, and also focus on my diet, as I start a month long progressive detox. I’ll write more on the training soon, but as far as the diet goes, here are the details:

Week One:

1. Eight ounces of water every morning, first thing.

2. Three fruits and vegtables each day, even weekends.

3. One sweet per day, even weekends.

Family: God bless my parents. They took the kids for the weekend, leaving my wife and I time to recharge and spend some good quality time with each other. I can’t tell you what a great gift they have been to my marriage. They allow Stephanie and I to do our own thing at least every other month… many times more. I feel that this season in a young families life, it is so easy to get so focused on the kids, and so focused on “making a living” you tend to forget about how important you are to each other in one’s marriage.

Overall this weekend was awesome, as we got to go on 4 meals alone, two movies and several naps with each other. Last night, after we picked up the kids, we came home and put them to bed… I reinstated how much fun I had. Do you know what she told me what was the best part of the whole weekend? The many times I told her how beautiful she is inside and out. Hmm. It reminded me that I don’t need to have my parents take the grandkids for the whole weekend to do that.

Faith: Oh boy. I just got back from a run, asking God’s forgiveness for decisions I’ve made. I really need to do that daily. I really don’t know how God continues to forgive me after I continuously sin.