Fighting:  I’ve been reassessing my results from my diet to the weight room, to the training mat.  In May I’ll be doing some crazy stuff to get myself back on track with my training.  I’ve been so busy with my school and project stuff that my training has dipped a bit.  I’ll write out my “May” plan next week a bit more.  I’ll be going through one of my detoxes, and litterally training every day in martial arts for one full month.  I’ll tell you what that’s all about soon.

Family:  Good week, everyone is healthy, the kids have about a month of school left.  We bought our tickets for our Flordia trip coming up this summer.  My family has been going down to the same place for over 35 years, as my grandfather left his condo to his family after he passed back in the late 90’s.  It’s a blast taking my kids down there now.
Faith:  Great message this last Sunday about being weird.  “Werid” in a good way.  It talked about how we have to be a little weird to fight against the grain of today’s culture and norms.  Although our nation may say they are pro God, I feel we are very anti God in following Him through the way we live.  I’m guilty of it too.  My family constatly tells me how weird I am… but the truth is I want to be more weird for God on a regular basis.