Fighting/Family/Faith:  Three for one entry today.  I’ll be writing more about this soon, but something rocked my world as this phrase I’ve heard a million times, hit home with me as I heard it once again.  “You don’t get your goals, you get your standards.”  Whoa.  What goal do you have?  Want that new car?  Want to lose 10 pounds?  How about 50?  Want to find your soul mate, or start a business?  Want to be closer to God?  Forget all of it, if it is not your “standard”… Or, your minimal requirement.

That means if it is not your minimal requirement to drive that new car, be 10 or 50 pounds minus your current weight, put yourself in environments to find your future spouse, or at the very least dedicate “x” amount of hours a day in starting that new business venture… Forget it.  You won’t get it.  I don’t care how much you “want” it, you won’t get it.  Period.  So, have a nice day, and raise your minimum standards.