Fighting:  I’m amping up my training once again… really trying to focus on a handful of things.  If you’re interested in ground fighting drills, I’ll include some links next week to show some of the basic drills I’m working on. Other than that, lots of stuff going on in my teaching world.  New programs, new projects, lots of stuff.  I’ll try to include some links to let you know what I’m working on soon.

Family:  Here is what I love… The time I spend with my wife and boys in bed early in the morning when we all get up.  Most of the time, they’ll come in to alert us it is 6:30am or so.  Many times, It is 5:30, 5:55, or something like that, and we send them back to bed.  But when 6:30am hits, we invite them in just to lay with us.  I love asking them questions about what they think they’ll do in school today, what did they learn yesterday, what was their favorite part of visiting with Grandma and Grandpa last weekend, etc.

I used to race up at 5:30-6am, ready to start my day, stammering down to my office and start working (ok, I’m still guilty on occasion).  Although I’m “losing” 45-60 minutes of work time, I’ve grown to realize that I won’t have this time for that much longer.  There will always be work to do, and God will give me enough time to complete it.  However, there are only so many days of my boys sleeping in the same house, and even less days where they are small enough where we can all fit in our bed.

Faith:  I have to hand it to my wife Stephanie.  She is going through some tough family issues right now, and her character really showed through.  As I wanted to take action on my knee jerk reaction of how to deal with certain family members, she reflected on what God would want her to do.  We’re never perfect in our decsion making, but when you use God as the standard to base your decisions and actions on, your bating average goes up quite a bit.