Fighting:  This is the week I’ll be introducing the new program to the Federal agency.  I’ve been working on it for about 6-8 weeks, and I really have to hand it to the small list of my students and instructors who have been helping me test and retest the program.  Because of the small allotted time I was given to create and teach this program, it has once again, been a great challenge to the skills I’ve built up over the last almost 20 years.  I’ll give you some great feedback, including the feedback I get from the agency, next week.

Family:  Sicko Central.  That is what I could have named my house, with kids being sick every day with something new, or something lagging.  My poor wife has had to deal with this for several weeks, while working through her own bout with strep.  The crazy thing is that here in the Chicago area, things have been unseasonably warm… so go figure.  I guess no one told the viruses that.

Faith:  I’ve had Sunday after Sunday with crazy things happening which has kept me out of church, or at least the church service for the last several weeks.  The message/sermon yesterday spoke again directly to me.  “The path we’re on, not our intentions of where we want to go, determines our destination”, was preached.  Holy cow, what a swift kick in the pants.  I’ve been whining for a while about why God has not helped me overcome some obstacles, crabbing about my intentions, my intentions, blah, blah.

Does God care about what we “want” for our lives?  Yes.  Does he also care what we are actually doing about it?  Yes, as well.  It hit home with a couple issues I’ve been dealing with, so you’ll be hearing more about it soon.  It drew a nice line down the center of the room, separating actions into black and white, right and wrong, going towards what you truly want, and moving away from.  For the most part, we all want better, fill in the blank.  But what are we “doing” to make it happen?