Fighting: Here is the next diet post:


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this… What do you eat?


Well, so far so good with not hitting restaurants, except…


My parents took the kids for the last couple nights to give Steph and I some “date night” time. Because I’ve been so good over the last two weeks to sticking to my diet, I decided to splurge and hit up Olive Garden. The next day we got right back on track.


Therefore, before I lay out the diet stuff over the next post or two, give yourself some room. My feeling is that if you box yourself in too much your explode and go nuts – even if you stick to your diet changes for a week, month, season or longer. That is why and how people end up gaining back what they loose.


Next week I’ll be showing you what I eat day by day, everything which passes my lips. For this week, here are some principles to guide you:


1. Eat six times a day, as it will speed up your metabolism.

2. Drink tons of water, give up the juices, sodas and alcohol. Drinking your calories is an easy way to pack on the pounds and drag down your energy.

3. If you are active, eat enough protein, and drink a protein shake at least every other day.

4. Cut out as much white flour based food, desserts, pasta, and bread as you can. These are empty foods which lead to so much bad health.

5. Watch your sugar and/or salt intake. Most of us have a preference, whether we like salty or sugary foods more – and then eat way to much of them. Take most of them out, and give yourself a cheat day to splurge, and enjoy what you like.

6. Plan, plan, plan. Plan every meal you’re going to eat, or those drive thrus which are so easy to use (and overuse) will become a regular staple in your diet. Plan and shop for your food every weekend, and review your meals every morning for everyday, making sure you have what you need – including time to make them. This also includes having enough healthy snacks to cut down hunger cramps in between meals.


Hope that helps… I’ll post my meal by snack, by meal menu next week.


Lee, Love and Life,


Sifu Matt



Family: As the post stated, got some good time in with Steph this last weekend, thank you mom and dad!


Faith: I am so blessed to be part of a church who focuses on the hurts of the community. Without it, not sure I could deal with the Rockford/Chicago weather.