Fighting:  Just returned from Costa Rica about 24 hours ago.  Beautiful country, very nice people… horrible food.

Because I got to take the week off of teaching, doesn’t mean my mind totally got to take a break.  Costa Rica is a very weird place regarding security.  At no time did my wife or I ever feel in danger… and we drove all over the country with our two young sons.  However, the Ticos are set with having security everywhere.  In a good portion of the housing developments there were security, and we’re not talking the multi million dollar house subdivisions.  I’m talking about the $50-100k house subdivisions.

There were guards at the WalMart, outside of the malls, guarding the schools, etc.  They were everywhere.  About 25% of them were armed, so most were not.  Crime is ideally very low in CR, so my question is what came first, crime or the guards around every corner?  What was odd was that the guards didn’t really make me feel more safe.  They were more annoying than anything.  The experience made me think about my self-defense training, as my awareness and skills have made me feel safer where ever I go.


Family:  Came back from Costa Rica about 48 hours ago, and still wondering why the heck I got back on the plane.  I went from 85 degrees to 25 over a 5 hour plane flight.  First time I completely unplugged from phone, text, emails, etc. for 11 days since teaching 17+ years ago.  Because you’re so close to the equator down there, there is little daylight savings time, so I was in bed early most nights and up with my kids at 6-6:30am.  To let you know how much I needed this vacation, the second night we were there I went to bed at 7:30am and slept till 7:30am.  Think my body needed it?  What did we do?  Zip lining, lots of driving (only way to see a country), beach walks, sightseeing for wildlife, visiting with locals and ex-pats (another key way to learn more about a new country), and so much more.  I’ll post more pics next week.


Faith:  I realized more than ever on this trip that I use work as my drug.  Like I said in the previous section, I haven’t been completely away from my business for 11 days… ever.  Sure, I’ve gone on vacations, but there was always check ins… always emails, always someone back home feeding me what is going on.  Not this time.  Left early on a Wednesday morning, didn’t check anything until I came back to work two Mondays later.  So, I guess that was really 12 total days.  Do I fell like working today… Well, I’m excited to be back and take part in one of the loves of my life, which is teaching… but I’m having trouble getting started on the office stuff which takes about 8-10 hours of my day (then add on 4-5 hours of teaching).  208 emails I have to personally respond to isn’t helping me either… note that this number has been cut in half by my assistants during my break.  These are 200+ I have to deal with just by myself…

More to come.