Fighting:  Back to the Federal contract I just got done teaching last week.  Good feedback overall… and great experience.  I guess the one big lessons I got from the experience was two fold.  This project really tested my ability to compact the most essessential training in a very short amount of time.  However, even more so, a huge lesson I gained was making sure you know what your objective is, and who exactly you are making the training for.

I’ve seen too many trainers over the years think they have the “one” answer for every civilian, law enforcement and military person.  The fact is that specific groups require specific programs.  The program you teach to male civilians will be different than the program taught to the specialized law enforcement group.  They work under different rules, and have different needs.  There might be tools which are shared between different cohorts, but stratgies will be the things which will be differ the most.  If an instructor (or practioner for that matter) doesn’t know that, they are wasting their time.

Family:  I had to do it, had to.  Finally got away on a family vacation.  I needed it, my kids needed it… and obviously my wife needed it.  Glad I took it.  Where did I go, what did I do?  I’ll fill you in next week when I get back.

Faith:  Do you want the truth?  Here it goes.  When you unplug yourself from your “regular” life, God is sure to expose some weaknesses you have.  I’m about 4-5 days unplugged and boy am I messed up…  J  Ok, really, I’ll talk about the unplugged thing next week when I have the perspective of the whole trip.  Hang with me.