Fighting:  I had the blessing to teach the Federal program I’ve been working on for the last couple months to the agency last week.  The challenge which has shown itself over and over is coming up with the specifics of the programs wasn’t so much the challenge, even though I had to customize the program from the ground up… but the time allotted for me to teach it – and then for them to teach it to their people is the big hurdle.  I’ll talk more about my personal feedback from the expeience next week.

Family:  Steph and I have been going out with some of our new and old friends more lately.  This is once again another area God has blessed us in.  I think when your kids are really young, you try to grab every second you have to be with each other, and don’t have (or make) time to see your friends as much (plus, many of your friends are in the same boat, given the same season of life they may be in).  I’ve learned over the years, that as you get older, and your profession and/or family take up more of your focus, it is easy to let freindships slide by the waistside.  Just as you must dedicate time to your kids and spouse, it is a necessity to invest time in your friendships.  Sometime back I decided to not chase after friends.  I’ll explain my little secret in how I maintain them next week.

Faith:  The sermon struck me yesterday, as it laid out four steps to get back on the right track when you feel like you’ve lost your way.  It broke down to:  taking action on a new way of living, sacrifice something such as an old way of thinking or habit, work through the stage of embarrassment, and finaly feel relief.  The one which stuck out for me was the third step of working through embarassement.  It is something which is so obvious, where if we are in a habit of doing something wrong / sinful, we’ll have to get it out in the open.  As a result we’ll have to feel embarassement.

Now, I don’t think we need to write it on a billboard on a busy highway, but at the very least we need to admit it to someone we trust and who can support us in the new habbit.  Wow, what a step, huh?  Could you do that with a hang up which has been bothering you for months, or maybe years.  Could you admit something to someone, in order to not keep it a secret anymore?  If so, what would it be, and more importantly, how would that free you?