Fighting: Here is another blog entry going over my diet:


As promised, here is a sample of what I’ve been eating for the last three weeks, including my workout schedule:


6am: Weight lifting or Cardio workout


7am: 3 scrambled eggs, English muffin, water, omega 3 pill


9am: Protein bar, water


12noon: Grilled chicken on a wheat pita, water


1pm: Martial arts workout


2pm: Greek yogurt, water


4:30pm: Ahi tuna steak, green beans, water


7:30pm: Protein shake


9:30pm: Apple, water


Once again, only a sample, as every day is something different. Bless my wife for shopping for all of this stuff. Next week I’ll lay out another two days to give you an example.


Lee, Love and Life,


Sifu Matt



Family: Three weeks into our no restaurant challenge. Last week as you may have heard, Stephand I got away for a date night and had to hit up Olive Garden. This weekend we had to celebrate Steph’s grandmother’s 82nd b-day at a restaurant as well. Stayed pretty much on track with what I would usually be eating at home. Hey, even going from our usual 5-6 meals out down to only one is a big accomplishment.


What we’ve found out since doing this for a short time is that we have more “family” time. I know there is prep time with each meal, which in all honesty, Steph does a lot of… but I found that we have more time in the evenings even with prep and clean up (mostly my job), than if we’d go out to eat… that surprised me, as I thought it would be the opposite. Then I thought about it. No extra time getting all bundled up in this beautiful winter weather, no travel time, no time parking,waiting for a table, waiting to order, waiting for food, and then driving home. Huh. Learn something new everyday.


Now, once again, I don’t want to take for granted prep time, but when that is happening Stephand I usually talk a bit, I usually help out a bit too… and the kids get to hang out in their own house and do what they want to do, as opposed to being jailed in a restaurant booth. After eating in for most of the week, it is nice to have everything done for you while you’re relaxing, but eating at home – including the prepping and clean up – isn’t the worst option either.


Faith: Invest in God and his return will be more than you can imagine.