I hear this saying in Christian circles from time to time, but it is the first thing which poppped up in my mind as I’m going through what I’m currently going through. At some point when you are so broken, have so stepped over the line so far, you have to Let Go and Let God. You’ve tried to do things yourself, but always find that you come up short. You need to Let Go, and realize you do not have the strength to move out of the hole you’ve dug yourself in. Then you need to Let God use his miraculous power and show you how much He loves you.

Not sure if you’re in a place like I am right now, but I hope you can see that this is your only option. I know that seems somewhat negative, like things are hopeless, or even like you are giving up. However, when dealing with habitual sin, massive hurt, or a rough day which turned into a rougher decade… Letting Go and Letting God is the one thing which would make God the happiest.