Fighting: 30 days of training, that is my goal. Monday through Saturday went fine, but then I totally “forgot” yesterday, Sunday. Here is the secret, plain and simple: Get it done in the morning. Earlier the better. I could have / should have done it right when I got up, and I put it off, until I sat there after 10pm, saying, “Oh, shoot… I forgot to train today”. I’m back on track today, and have an out of town get away scheduled this weekend, so planning to train those three vacation days I have will be key.

Family: Everything is going well. Kids are finishing up school and Steph and I are attempting to get some things organized in the house. We got out the patio funature this weekend, and cleaned the storage part of our basement, after I cleaned the garage. Good, productive weekend. Why is it that cleaner spaces reduces stress?

Faith: During my “pastor on call” duties yesterday, I met with two people after church, a man a woman. The message during the service was on family, and it had these two people completely ruined. Both people were in the middle of losing their spouses to rocky relationship issues. Both of these people came up to me crying, not knowing where to go. After we talked for a while, I prayed with them, asking God to put His hand over them and remind them how close He is. Just wanted to tell you that, because no matter how bad things are (and in both cases, they were very bad), God is closer than you know.