Fighting: At this point I have no clue where I am in my 30 day challenge. If you go back in this blog and count the weeks, you’ll be ahead of me. I believe I’ve completed four weeks. Yesterday was a holiday, which is why I’m writing you on a Tuesday. The truth is that I missed Saturday’s martial arts workout, and then also yesterday. I’ll explain more below. All in all, all is good!

Family: I stopped working on Friday afternoon, and didn’t look at work until yesterday around the same time. That is 72 hours of no work. No email, no phone calls, no text, no classes, no planning… nothing. It gave me a lot of time to focus on the boys and Steph, which was great. We had pretty good, but hot, weather for the holiday weekend. For the first time in a long time, I also got a lot of (non work related) reading in… something l miss. Steph also noted how well the boys acted towards each other… hmmm… wonder if that had anything to do with me being more accessible?

Faith: No church on Sunday. I usually don’t skip when I’m in town, but I did this last Sunday. We were thinking of heading out of town during that day, so I let the person who heads up the pastoral care team I serve on know I may not be there, so it was all good for me to just take a break. I talked to God quite a bit this weekend. I guess I did think about a couple business issues which are going on right now, especially as the weekend was closing up. I also talked to Him about a lot of personal issues – asking for guidance here and there. I guess the point is that I want to make sure you understand you don’t need church to talk to God. So many people think that is the only place you can connect with Him, or even talk to Him. I know that this is Christianity 101, but I encourage you to make sure you talk to Him as much as possible. Before falling asleep, while driving, during exercise, before eating, while just out in nature, or even while sitting on the toilet. Any topic, anytime. As I’ve said so many times on this blog, He is just waiting for you to speak.