Fighting:  So I’ve adjusted my training schedule to hit everyday except for Sunday.  Decided to give myself a weekly day off.  I’m also toying around with the idea of extending this into June too.  Body is responding well, lifting is going great, and my cardio training is up.  I’ll be taking time off in July, so that new plan might fit well.  I’ll keep you updated.

Family:  Stephanie and I are making a “summer list” of the things we want to work on with the boys this summer.  The list contains school stuff and behavior stuff.  Our meeting is set for this weekend, so I’ll write what we came up with soon.

 Faith:  Since having my little breakdown about 3 weeks ago, things are going well.  No temptation in the area I’m working on.  Well, shouldn’t say no temptation.  Temptation always exists, but I also feel like I’ve done what I’ve needed (was able) to do, and God truly has taken over the rest.  Will I falter in the future.  Probably, but I’m focusing on the time I have now where I’m committed to doing my part.  Seems like a simple enough game plan:  Do what I can do, and leave the rest to God.  But it is working.  It all starts with a prayer my friends.  You can do it right now too.