Fighting: Half way through my 30 days. I went off on a Mother’s Day get away with my family, including my parents over the weekend, and did fine getting in Friday’s session before I left – and even Saturday’s while I was out of town. Sunday, ah, not so well again. I know God even took a day off, but it was my goal to hit all 30 days. I also don’t want to focus on the one day I didn’t make, while I’ve been religious with the six others. As of right now I’m thinking six days on makes me deserve the one day off. Balance may not be 50/50, but realizing overtraining may have its drawbacks too. Hmmm… I’ll think more about this.

Family: It was Mother’s Day yesterday, and don’t worry, I’m not going to make this into a mushy mommy’s letter. But, let me just say this, my mother was and is just a great mom. I realize this more and more as I see them with my children, as I get older myself and as she ages. I don’t know why we’re so blind to these truths when we’re younger, actually have less responsibility, and less important people in our lives (i.e. families of our own). I am just very blessed to have the mom I have, and very blessed to have her impacting my sons’ lives. I’ll talk about my wife as a mom next week.

Faith: I understand this might seem very abstract, but its been about a week since I made some major decisions in my spiritual life. I was at that point when I had to examine some behaviors and realize where they were taking me, no matter how much I rationalized and minimized them in the present. If you need to do the same, don’t think for a second you can handle it on your own. To spare you the loooonnngggg story, and save me some privacy, let’s just say I was at that point where I’m praying at past midnight “God, I have no clue how to get out of this, I need you to take over…”. It seems so simple, but espeically for Type A personalities like myself, it seemed like it took forever to get there. The days since and the days to come will invariably have there own challenges, but I know God is here, just like he’s always been, ready to forgive my sin, and carry me the rest of the way.