I know that we’ve all heard of the saying “jump and the net will appear”, but I wanted to spin it a bit different. Lately, I’ve had this reoccurring sin pop on up. One day I took a course of action which severely limited the sin. Yea!, right? I didn’t see it that way. I found myself kept on saying, “Why the heck did I do that!?”. Empowering, huh?

It made it very difficult to re-sin in that same way. However, I was bummed about it in a way. I mean, the sin wasn’t that bad, and I’ve done worse before in this category. Being completely honest, I got pleasure out of committing the sin, as that is what most sins do in the short term. In the long term, it was bringing me further away from God. I raced through prayers at night, and evading any discussion with myself on how to stop what I was doing.

But that still didn’t change the fact that I was partially upset that I destroyed my net. I took away something I could fall into, and give myself some short term pleasure. At times I found myself finding ways to “undo” what I did, but I not only took down the net, but burnt and buried the ashes.

I look at it now, and I’m very glad I did what I did. Who knows the level of where that sin would be if I didn’t cut it off. We forget that we need an increase in the level of sin, in order to get that same “high” each time. Just like we have to drink a little more alcohol or smoke a little more pot to get the same buzz. We have to dive deeper into gossip, watch a little more extreme porn or yell at someone below us a bit louder to feel a little more power or relieve a bit more stress.

Use whatever metaphor you want, the key to stopping the cycle is to burn the bridge. Just as the Trojans burned their ships, making it impossible to retreat back to their homeland of safety (our comfortable sin patterns), and to ensure that they would fight and win… We must do the same. So lose the net. Take away the things which are making it easier to sin.

Stop hanging around the same people who do nothing more that gossip. Lock yourself out of sites and channels which are sexually inappropriate and give someone else the password. Make yourself accountable to someone above you in your circle of influence, so you can’t belittle those under you. Take the net away. When you jump next time, you’ll be glad you did.