Fighting: After five weeks of training practically everyday, and then getting sick, I took that as a hint from my body to slow down and take a break. So I did. I didn’t stop my lifting, but I did lighten up my cardio and take a full week off of martial arts training. I felt that is what my body needed, and had no guilt. My wife and I remind each other of that from time to time when we don’t feel like training, working out, exercising, even eating well… We realize that there will be those times where we need to take time off. Maybe a child is sick, or an accident happens, which truly takes you out of your regular training schedule.

If I would have taken a previous week off, or even a couple days, I would have felt guilty taking a full week off from my regular schedule. I probably would have either pushed through, and added more stress to my life (prolonging my sickness) or take additional (needed) time off and pouted (once again, adding stress, prolonging my sickness). It is Monday morning today, and although I’m not back 100%, I’m better than I was last Monday.

I guess the point of this entry is to say that training is training, and there is no substitute. However, you have to listen to your body, and if you are over tired, emotionally unbalanced, physically sick and/or injured, you should take a couple days off to let the body do its thing. Make sure you support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally as I was talking about last week though. I also wanted to make the point that you need to fight past the natural pulls of procrastination, as there will be times you need to take off for whatever reason.

Family: Great family week. Spent time with the family Friday night, Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday we went downtown Chicago. I always complain about those who live fairly close to big cities, yet refuse to use its resources such as museums, parks and infrastructure. We headed down early Sunday morning to dodge the traffic, hung out in Millennium Park and then took the kids to Rock n’ Roll McDonalds. Although I hate Chicago winters I’m very blessed to be so close to such a great city. Chicago has incredible architecture, culture and so much more…

Faith: Here is a tip for today. Pray for your sinful plans to be foiled.