Fighting:  21/30 days of running.  Foot is a little sore this week, which is a great excuse to take a day off… also a great reason not to reach my goal.  Remember, excuses will never be in short supply.

Family:  School is out, and Steph and I have a lot to work on with the kids this summer ranging from reading, to math, to sex ed.  Yep, it will be an exciting summer for sure.  More to come.
Faith:  At the point of decision, you have to ask yourself, “Who am I?”.  If it doesn’t align with what you are doing, the decisions you’re making and even the thoughts you are thinking… something needs to change.  Late last week I pulled into a gas station and realized someone behind the counter mistakenly applied a pre pay to my pump.  In the couple minutes it took to pump the gas, I went back and forth with what “should” be my course of action.
It was too easy to take it and drive off, but it was much difficult at first (I thought) to answer the question, “Who am I?”.  It turns out I knew I was the kind of person to right the wrong.  In the end, although it took me extra time to explain what the employee did wrong, it was easier living by “Who I am” than I thought.  Hmmm… something to think about… Who are you?