Fighting:  30 days of cardio in a row.  Check.

 Family:  There is a book I read a while back called the Five Love Languages which helps you identify how your spouse gets love, such as verbally, by touch, quality time, etc.  Great book. They also have one for kids, so as parents you can do the same.  Stephanie just got done reading that, and we’ve implemented several techniques which have given us breakthroughs in communicating with our sons.
Faith:  I write this section about faith every week, and we almost use the term “faith” without really realizing what it is.  As I think long and hard about it, it is almost indescribable.  It is like describing the smell of a rose to someone who can’t smell, or even describing what a color looks like to someone who is blind.  Faith continues to put me in awe year after year, and I figure it will continue to do so until my last day.