Fighting, Family and Faith: You get a combo today, lucky you. Here is the truth, May was a rough month. Rough physically, mentally and emotionally. I succeeded at staying well all through this last winter. No sickness whatsoever. Mentally, I’ve been quite sharp… and emotionally I’ve done the same.

Now enter the last 5-6 days. Complete emotional overwhelm. Mentally, I’m all over the map with my plans and scheduling. Physically… well, let’s just say I’m typing this at 3:13am, after not really sleeping at all since I went to bed at 10:30pm. Besides my throat killing me, my whole body aches. Therefore, I just slammed a serving and a half of green drink (wheat grasses, etc.), took 3 ibuprofen and am munching away on some celery.

I know you’ve been here too. Just totally wiped out. No energy, can’t think straight, body aches, etc. Blah.

Now, call it stupid, but I heard on a reality TV show that this isn’t a “Breakdown” but a “Breakthrough”. I won’t name the reality show to save some face, but that is not the point. 😉

I hate being where I’m at right now, and I love it. Hate it because I feel like crap. For the last 5 days or so, I’ve been testy with my kids, haven’t loved my wife right, seem to acknowledge every failure I’ve ever had and skipped a training day for the first time since starting about five weeks ago.

Now, here is the good part. I’m at that point where I’m done complaining. Done feeling sorry for myself, done whinning, done, done-done. The problem with many people is that they never get to that point. They stay in what I call no man’s land. Not too unhappy to change. They are getting by, but barely surviving. Listen, I’ve been there too, sometimes spending months in that certain area. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years (and what I’ll be focusing on this week) to get myself back in the game:

1. Sleep, but not too much. Give yourself enough, but don’t start a sleep a thon, where you create negative momentum and don’t get things done. I’ll most likely work for the next hour or two, and then catch a 1-2 hour nap before I officially start my day.

2. Eat right, very right. My body took a dive in the last 24 hours, so I had to start feeding it the right stuff, per what I wrote before. I suggest: lots of veggies, fruit, water and scheduling 4-5 eating times where the meals revolve around this stuff. I’ll be doing the same.

3. Connect with family. Was I edgy with my kids and wife over the last couple days… yeah. But I was more just not there. Take 5, 15, 45+ minutes just to listen to what is going on in their lives.

4. List everything you have to do. Seems overwhelming? Yes. But having it cycle in your head day in and day out will drive you nuts. Write out everything you have to do, cut out the stuff which wastes time, ask others for help, and schedule the most important thing first, next is second, etc. Ask yourself this question: What three items, if fully accomplished, would make me feel less stressed today?

5. Lastly… Focus on your goals. Dream about them before going to bed, and visualize them before you start your day. Don’t worry about “how” you’ll reach them, just picture yourself enjoying them.

6. Ok, one more thing… we’ll make it a round half-dozen, and it is probably the most important. Talk to God. You’ve heard me say this time and time again. If you’re really bummed out… really disappointed… super tired and fatigued, talk to the one who created you. Yes, mom and dad are good to talk to too, but talk to your Heavenly Father. Just tell him what is on your mind.

If this list is too much, focus on one a day, but start in reverse. Do number 6 first, 5 second, etc. Even though this was written a month ago (all of my posts are posted a month later), I’ll be writing each week to tell you how my “Breakthrough” is going.