Fighting: Projects, projects, project everywhere. Just launched a big one today, which was the DVDs from the JKD Summit I hosted. It proved to me again, how fun and rewarding a team effort is for a project of this magnitude. I have to thank the guest instructors, in person attendees, online attendees, staff behind the scenes, the video team, and my wife for putting up with me during the craziness! If you want to see the finished product, just go to


Family: Father’s Day yesterday… I was listening to a church message on a CD last week about parenting. The pastor said that some think becoming a parent is a right, others think it may be our evolutionary responsibility… yet still other assume it is a biological pull of some sort (hold the jokes). He said it is a calling from God, and I agree with that. I’m so thankful I’ve been called into that roll… I love you Jack and Max… and Stephanie, thanks for making it possible.


Faith: I had a lot of stuff going on this weekend as Stephanie and I made a monster to do list for house fix its… She was a little under the weather, and I skipped out on church after making too many excuses. What excuses could you be making? At the end of the day, they are all… excuses.