Fighting:  14/30 days of straight cardio.  Almost forgot Sunday, so had to do a run before dinner.

Family:  Good family time this last weekend, and great weather only made it better!
Faith:  I once heard that anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.  If you’re in this cycle, just like I’ve been several times, ask God to help you let it go.  Saying angry won’t accomplish a whole lot, accept help you transfer it to others in your life who don’t deserve it.  Do what you can to help/fix/better the relationship, and if you don’t get want you’re looking for, move on.  Write a letter, raise a white flag, say you’re sorry, and then move on.  I’ve found that many relationships get better if you’re at a standoff, and end up leaving them alone after you’ve taken a final action to better them.  If they don’t get better, you did what you could.  No need to wallow in the pain, trying to control something you can’t.